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Apr 14, 2009 at 6:29 am

After reading this wonderful book, it was extremely easy to open it in Adobe Reader.

Oh well. I remembered that the wrong way round, didn’t I?

Robert Munro
Apr 14, 2009 at 7:58 pm

Your mistake involved Adobie. I guess your name is mud.

Margaret C.
Apr 15, 2009 at 1:21 pm

The best book for manifesting success I’ve ever read. Well, the only book for manifesting success I’ve ever read.

But it was a fast read.

Apr 15, 2009 at 8:03 pm

The best read ever although I had to re-read chapter 2 as I couldn’t understand it properly duh!!!

Apr 15, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Have not read it but I am prime for duhism.

Apr 15, 2009 at 11:09 pm

After extensive reading of the Duh, I’m waiting for the “Duhism for Dummies”…

Oh, and my sweet 52″ Plasma TV….

Apr 18, 2009 at 8:45 am

This is truly the self help book of the century! If anyone could enlighten me about chapter 2, I would really appreciate.

Duhg Frank
Apr 18, 2009 at 3:04 pm

Absolutely incredible! As I read the book and began applying the principles, my effectiveness accelerated so that I kept reading and applying faster and faster! I briefly disappeared into a wormhole, but I’m back now, and rarin’ to go! And the thousands of minor flesh wounds and cosmic jet lag were a small price to pay for my phenomenal success.

Thanks for helping me finally “Get ‘er duh’n”, Bob!

Apr 18, 2009 at 3:51 pm

Wow…I’ve read the Tao, and the Tao of Pooh, and the Te of Piglet, but after reading and meditating on The Duh of Success, I can tell you categorically that your book is worth 10 times what I paid for it! Astonishing!!

Apr 19, 2009 at 2:27 pm

I downloaded and read The Duh of success v1 and v2. I then re-downloaded them both and read them again… I now see the Duh clearly. Twice as clearly. I had hoped to understand the Duh, but it seems to escape me….

Apr 21, 2009 at 7:15 pm

I have studied both volumes. I have been enlightened for 4 hours and have not received Duhism. Shall I wait for the next book?

Bob Tzu
Apr 21, 2009 at 8:01 pm


I would recommend enrolling IMMEDIATELY for the Training Official Top-level Awesome Leaders for Massive Optimal Results On New Steroids group! When you join the group of TOTAL MORONS, you put on display a statement about yourself that’s sure to turn heads!

Apr 22, 2009 at 3:35 am

My soul is vibrating for TOTAL MORONS! Where do I sign up for this group. Is any special clothing required?

Bob Tzu
Apr 22, 2009 at 3:58 am


Ah, clearly you’re a perfect candidate to be one of the TOTAL MORONS as you overlooked the link in my previous post.

May 10, 2009 at 11:39 pm

Yer like the Jon Stewart of “enlightenment”, “new age spirituality” …what do you call it anyway??? 😮

Bob Tzu
May 11, 2009 at 5:25 am

Me? I just call it Duhism 😉

May 11, 2009 at 7:19 am

Snort, chortle…cough, cough. Must be a har ball!

May 14, 2009 at 11:35 pm

Just read volume 1 cover to cover and duh, it was great. I especially liked the first three chapters but could use some help with the “something” in chapter 2 – guessing that’ll be covered in volume 2. Great stuff for everyone.

Bob Tzu
May 14, 2009 at 11:44 pm


Try replacing “something” with “anything” and see if that helps.

Otherwise, Volume 2 will certainly be what you need.

May 15, 2009 at 12:56 pm

You should tell Ben & Jerry’s to rename their chocolate chip cookie dough and call it Cookie Duh. I like your style and believe you should be famous like that. Now, help me become famous also by becoming a fan of Café Yuluka

Bob Tzu
May 15, 2009 at 5:40 pm

So much ice cream, so little time.

Chris Goegan
Jun 12, 2009 at 5:32 pm

This FREE ebook is worth every penny I paid for it! I looked for this ebook on the shelves at all my local bookstores but couldn’t find it. I don’t know how many he printed so HURRY and get your copy now !!!

Jun 22, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Tried reading the book, but had to order my Duhism glasses. Once I read this with my Duhism glasses, I can then clearly see the missing letters in the title of the book…at the moment it just looks like “The Duh of S….ess”…what is missing???

Bob Tzu
Jun 23, 2009 at 3:57 am

With your official Duhism glasses ( U should be able to C, C? (I hope you speak Spanish for the last bit)

Name Redacted
Jun 28, 2009 at 7:41 pm

Dear Master Tzu,

I have read and re-read the “Duh of Success” and considered joining the Massive Optional Results on New Steroids Group but am stymied by all my False Evidence Appearing Real Situation.

Plus, I have been applying Duhism for quite sometime, even before I knew it was called Duhism and am now at the ripe age of 38, supporting myself on $20 a week, supplemented by the SSI and part-time jobs of my parents.

I know this is impractical for an adult my age, however, they have promised (by silently consenting and continuing to support me) because they also know I will be the one to determine the quality of, by paying for, their retirement home once they are unable to work and care for themselves and me any longer. They have already informed me that they want to live somewhere really nice and better than where they (we) live now.

Sometimes I find that following the 2nd Duh actually creates more like $100 a week. I like those weeks, however when I implement the 3rd Duh oh wait, now that I’m writing this I realize, I don’t know how to implement the 3rd Duh because I don’t know what the ‘exact something’ was that I did do in the 2nd Duh gave me the results.

Wow, so what I was wondering isn’t valid anymore and I realize I might need the M.O.R.O.N. mastership. I’m so glad I’ve read the Duh of Success.

I’ve also supported Volume 2 by sending the one of my friends the email you suggested.

I can say enough about the Duh and now wait to see what I’ll learn from Volume 2.

Thank you Bob Tzu and Bobbie Sue Tzu too.

Yours Duhly,

[Name Redacted for FEAR of persecution humiliation recognition by non-duhists]

Already a Duhist even before I knew it.

Bob Tzu
Jun 29, 2009 at 12:04 am

Dear Redacted,

It’s a pleasure to see someone so clearly immersed in The Duh. I thank you, Bobbie Sue Tzu thanks you, and Petting Tzu is begging for some of my burrito at the moment.

-Bob Tzu

Judy Adler
Jul 4, 2009 at 11:00 pm

Dear Bob, I stayed up all night reading Chapter one of your inspiring book and would like very much to join your advanced group, MORONS, but unfortunately I just sent my last million dollars to join another group called International Double your Income On Tuesdays & Sundays (IDIOTS). I look forward to reading chapter 2 and I have tweeted all my friends to follow your stupid, oops, typo, I mean super tweets. Judy

Bob Tzu
Jul 4, 2009 at 11:38 pm

It sounds like you should have enough money for MORONS on either Monday or Wednesday. I’ll reserve a spot for you. BTW, since you’re spreading the word of Duhism, you may want to tell the other IDIOTS they can become MORONS, too!


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Jul 11, 2009 at 1:58 pm

How come this profoundly delightning book is not #1 at Opra’s Bookclub???

Jul 11, 2009 at 1:59 pm

And why is my picture so strange?

Bob Tzu
Jul 11, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Hi Stan,

Two responses for you:

1) I have no idea why or how The Duh of Success was overlooked by Oprah and her book club.

2) Are you saying that picture doesn’t look like you? Or that it does, and you are strange looking? You look normal (and fine-looking) to me… but, then again, you can probably tell that the prescription on my specs is a bit high.

Jul 13, 2009 at 2:31 am

And I thought Oprah was “spiritual” too!

Al Ien
Jul 19, 2009 at 10:06 am

Dear Mr. Tzu, thank you for your book. When Leo Tolstoy was asked why his novel War and Peace was so voluminous, he said it was because he had too little time to write it. When I, in my moment of Zen, was reading your book, it struck me that you must have had perhaps a little too much of it instead. There is also one point to your score, you do not waste your( or anybody else’s) time by beating about the bush.

Jul 20, 2009 at 5:27 am

I don’t think the Master beats bushes!

Jul 26, 2009 at 8:27 am

thank you mr tzu, the wisdumb of this book is amazing. loved the second one too, sat up all night to read them, couldn’t put them down.

Jul 30, 2009 at 8:51 am

I keep losing a volume of “The Duh of Success” I will be reading one and lay the other volume down and forget where I have put it. How can I merge “The Duh of Success” to prevent this from happening?

Bob Tzu
Jul 30, 2009 at 4:32 pm

Hi Michael,

Merging and becoming one is highly overrated. But then again, so are most good things.

If you’re looking for a serious answer, you may have come to the wrong place… not because I can’t be serious (I take everything about Duhism seriously — except the punctuation;!), but because I don’t know how one takes 2 PDFs and turns them into one.

Maybe it’s realizing they were never really there in the first place (oh, no, wait, that just makes spoons bend).

Clifford Smith
Aug 7, 2009 at 10:42 am

My 81 year old Mother-in-Law took the “Underwear Consultancy” I keep promising myself just one very, very last look; goddam it, one last, very, very, last, last look. Do you have a Chapter on this, & how can I avoid ever reading it?

Bob Tzu
Aug 7, 2009 at 4:21 pm

The combination of “81 year old mother-in-law” and “underwear” is testing even my supernatural level of equanimity.

Sep 6, 2009 at 3:07 pm

Master Tzu:

I jutht read the thecond volume and would like to path on my review:

More pithy than volume one.

Sep 7, 2009 at 8:54 pm

Thecond? I think Nancy needs to start all over again.

Julian (From Canada Eh!)
Dec 30, 2009 at 6:38 pm

Awsome book. I will keep that on the shelf next to “The Secret”. It will remind me of how stupid I was listening to friends that “The Secret” would change my life. All it did is it made my wallet $30 lighter…..and what did I learn? The same thing as I learned reading “The DUH of Success”. Thank you

Dec 31, 2009 at 2:21 am

I am so glad The Duh of Success is not a secret!!


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Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)
Jan 21, 2010 at 9:39 pm

i can has 200% munny-bak guruntee? dat iz vry vry gud :) i luv dat :)

Carol Surface
Apr 26, 2010 at 1:23 pm

can’t wait to see this irreverent stuff!

Catherine Alexandra
Oct 29, 2010 at 2:34 pm

lol Very cool book! Thanks for the chuckles!

online movies
Dec 8, 2010 at 12:25 pm

I am so impressed I had to save it so I continously go back and read things I may have skimmed

Dec 11, 2010 at 3:44 pm

A real eye opener. I had to open my eyes to read it.

Dec 12, 2010 at 2:15 pm

gust the right humer to snap you back to where em i?

Dec 12, 2010 at 2:21 pm

in this day and age its nice to stop and have a chuckle.after reading the replies i have bucket full of chuckels,now were do i spend them?

Michael M
Dec 12, 2010 at 6:34 pm

It’s been awhile since I have read the…the… What’s the name? Oh Duh! I noticed you only have one volume now. That will be much easier to read. Thanks Master Tzu!!



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